Carson Cogeneration Company, a California Limited Partnership

CCC is currently 48 MW interconnected at 66kV.  Carson could be completely repowered to 97.9 MW without a complete CPUC process and has the emissions credits, natural gas pipeline capacity, zoning and a interconnect that would need to be upgraded.  There is room to either totally repower with a LMS100, or similar, or add a LM6000 and increase the output approximately 45 MW. There would need to be additional negotiations with the PPA counter party since there would need to be an outage to upgrade the interconnection.


Lake Shore Mojave, LLC

LSM currently is shut down and will not be placed back in service at its current location.  The opportunity exists in the air permit that is currently being banked with the Kern County Air Board.  LSM has the ability to relocat these emissions into neighboring counties, with the exception of the South Coast Air Quality Management District encompassing Los Angeles.  The opportunity would be to use the emission credits to develop a peaking plant that supports the wind power in Kern County being transmitted to the Los Angeles Basin.


Rupert Cogeneration Partners, LLC

Local Municipals are interested in contracting the output of the RCP facility or evaluating the acquisition of this asset.


Glenns Ferry Cogeneration Partners, LLC

The assets located at GFCP are in excellent condition and could be reinstalled at a facility with demand of 10 MW and up to 40,000 pounds of steam per hour at a pressure of 150 pounds.



The combined 23 MW installation is currently profitable and could be enhanced with either a repowering with newer technology or restructuring of the PPA over the remaining life of the turbines.


Thermo Power & Electric, LLC

UNC is very interested in a new long term development at this site providing a load of 10 MW and a steam load. There may be an opportunity to redeploy the Glenns Ferry asset to this location.