Energy Operations Group, LLC (EOG) and affiliated companies are privately held U.S. independent power companies based in Park Ridge, IL, which develop, own, operate and manage power plants.  EOG’s affiliated generation companies sell thermal energy and/or electricity to utilities and industrial companies. It is important to know EOG principals hold a substantial interest in all projects which they manage, operate and/or develop in order to align their interests better with all investors.

EOG’s portfolio includes efficient gas-fired cogeneration facilities and wind-powered facilities, in addition to alternative technologies like their battery project development investment.

The principals of EOG previously held senior management positions within Independent Power Companies, Project Finance banks, major US pipeline and Multinational oil and gas businesses and grew each of these companies into leading independent power companies and lenders both nationally and internationally in scope while maintaining investments in many of the major unregulated electricity markets in the United States including California, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, New York and England. EOG maintains national expertise and continues to develop battery and natural gas facilities in the US. EOG has proven its ability in financial restructuring and technical re-engineering of troubled power projects. EOG continues to be an industry leader who provides asset management, operations and maintenance, strategic commercial restructuring and equity capital which allow EOG to restructure and re-engineer such independent power facilities, as necessary, and generate returns significantly above the industry average.

EOG maintains relationships with regional lenders and major multi-national financial institutions experienced in the independent power industry. EOG, to date, has arranged for all required debt and equity capital to successfully complete our transactions in a timely manner. EOG works closely with equity sources, financial and industry partners to provide efficient transition of assets in an effort to execute strategic changes to improve the economic return associated with new developments and acquisitions.


EOG provides an energy project with turnkey services and support including:

  1.       Operations Management
  2.       Contract Support /Negotiation
  3.       Asset Management
  4.       Coordination /Project Management


EOG offers numerous capabilities to assist in the development /re-development of a project including:

  1.       Site Screening
  2.       Electric and Gas Transmission Interconnection Assistance
  3.       Permitting Management
  4.       EPC Contract Review Coordination
  5.       BOP Contract Negotiation
  6.       Equipment Supply Management
  7.        Operations Management
  8.        Operational Procedure Development

EOG has the experience and expertise to provide professional services to ensure a successful project. EOG works as a partner to provide insight and solutions unique to any situation.

The principals and associates combine over seventy years of executive management, consulting and wide-ranging business experience with a personal entrepreneurial perspective to provide the customer with a competitive edge.